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Top Vacation Rental Home in Manuel Antonio

Awarded by TripAdvisor and FlipKey

Imagine yourself on the most stunning beach in Costa Rica.

You look out over a gorgeous bay dotted with tropical islands and feel the warmth of the sun kiss your skin. You take a stroll along the shore and smell enticing aromas from restaurants you pass along the way. But they can wait for later. Manuel Antonio National Park is just minutes away and you’re looking forward to a day filled with waterfalls, nature walks and wildlife watching.

Back at your beachfront vacation rental home an award-winning staff greets you with waves and smiles. Each day they make you feel pampered in unique and personalized ways that make you feel like family, like you belong, like home. You smile and wonder, “How will I ever describe this to my friends and family without making them insanely jealous?”

By Evelyn Gallardo


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  • The Costa Rica Happy Dance

    Costa Rica is rated as the “Happiest Country on the Planet.” You may just feel like busting out into a “Happy Dance” when you visit. 

  • The Love Shines Through

    Heidi & Shane, Colby & Chase and (Shane’s sister) Jodi DeBoer
    Trip Advisor Review December 9, 2013 for a stay in December 2013 

    DeBoer FamilyThis house is so clearly loved not only by the owners and the staff that cares for it, but by the wildlife that loves spending time there as well. The house is amazing, located right on the best beach with a very large pool we found ourselves drawn to after every outing. It is located near many amazing restaurants that have some great views – yet also delivers for those nights we just wanted to enjoy our time in the house itself. We saw two kinds of monkeys, iguanas of all sizes, an adorable sloth that hung out all week and many many birds. The landscaping is so lush and beautiful and the staff dares not let a leaf fall out of place. 

    Speaking of the staff, they were all so warm and friendly and helped us spot animals in the trees and were available to help with any questions we had. Read more

  • Words Cannot Explain the Beauty, Love, Friendship & Experience

    Jared, Nikki, Maddy, Karen & Keith, Don, Melissa and Rosie, New York
    TripAdvisor Review: October 8, 2013 for a stay in September 2013

    jared hotaling groupDear Discovery Beach House, where to start? 
    We had such an awesome time! It’s rare that in a week we have made many friends here in Costa Rica. Everyone has been so hospitable that we feel like we’re all friends and family and not Guests and Employees.

    This is definitely our #1 vacation so far. We didn’t want to leave and we’ll be back for sure.

    Evelyn and David – we’re so blessed to have had the opportunity to stay in your beautiful home. Your home is a very special place. It was great to have you both over for the 1st of many vacations here. I’m thinking we can’t wait to see you again. You both have created a place to make many memories.  Read more

  • Costa Rica Beachfront Wedding House

    Ana Garter Belt

    You have an amazing house. We celebrated our wedding in your house and it was the most beautiful day in our lives. The scenery could not be more beautiful or spectacular! Thanks so much for letting us celebrate it in this paradise of a house.

    What to say about the Staff? They are all really good and nice and made our stay very comfortable. Especially Sabrina who has helped us with so many small details and was assuring that everything went well for us and our guests. I loved that Manuela, the housekeeper surprised us everyday with different towel decorations on our beds. The wedding cake made from towels was amazing – so sweet of her to do that. Everyone at the Discovery Beach House made us feel very much at home.

    We were surprised at how much less expensive it was to get married in Costa Rica than in Italy and we loved the added bonus of getting a tropical vacation. Read more

  • Manuel Antonio Wedding House

    If you can’t see the video, click HERE. Read more

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Donations to Costa Rican Non-Profits in Lieu of Wedding Favors

Our guest blogger, Randy Gritz from Celebrations Costa Rica blogs about a new destination wedding trend. When Whitney & Daniel Pace got married at the Discovery Beach House they asked their guests to bring donations for Kids Saving the Rainforest.

I’m often asked about what should we give our guests as a favor to remember our wedding. I have a list that usually includes things like Costa Rican coffee, personalized mugs with a tropical animal as the handle and sarongs for the beach. These are great gifts but I want to focus on another trend by donating something meaningful to the community. A card is left at each guest’s place setting letting them know that in lieu of favors a donation to the community has been made.

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Costa Rica Ranked As World’s Happiest Country

According to the new “Happy Planet” report from British nonprofit group New Economics Foundation, if you’d like to live a more rewarding life, it might be work trading in your Rolex for a surfboard and heading south to Costa Rica. You can check it out with a Costa Rica beach vacation at the Discovery Beach House vacation rental in Manuel Antonio.

By Kathryn Hawkins. Posted on July 05 2009 on

Beach vacation destination in Costa Rica

Chatham Beach, photo by Jon Rawlinson

According to the new “Happy Planet” report from British nonprofit group New Economics Foundation, if you’d like to live a more rewarding life, it might be work trading in your Rolex for a surfboard and heading south. Their comprehensive new report, which compares nations according to their populations’ life expectancies, life satisfaction, and ecological footprint, combining all of the factors to create a “Happy Planet Index” score, ranks the sunny, fun-loving Costa Rica as the number one place in the world to live, followed by the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Guatemala, Vietnam, Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil, and Honduras to round out the top ten.

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